Original first draft script of the 1988 episode
"The Case of the Killer Pizzas", written by Douglas Booth.
Original Image chart from David Chen (Ancient One), for his first episode.
A TMNT 25th Anniversary mask. These masks where a
give-away at the 25th anniversary tours. It's signed by Kenn Scott
who played Raphael in Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze.
A storyboard page from Turtles Forever drawn by Darcy Vorhees.
The logo says 'Back to the Sewer', that's because initially Turtles Forever was
going to be a 2-part episode in the BttS season (that why it says Part 1 at the top)
It was going to be episode 167 and 168. Later they decided to make a stand-alone movie!
An Exposure sheet showing the various actions to communicate
better with the Japanese animators, who don't always understand certain
drawn actions and explanations in the storyboard pictures. This one is from
episode 159: "The Incredible Shrinking Serling".
The original cue sheet from the last day of
recording on TMNT. Received from James Arnold Taylor.
Story page I received from Quinn Johnson.
Story page I received from Quinn Johnson.
TMNT T-shirt which I received from Paula Mattioli.
TMNT poster signed by producer Galen Walker,
which I received from Paula Mattioli.