Well on this page you'll find a little info about the author of this site! If you want to contact me you can always send me an email: rutgergret@live.nl

Just a few rules:
- I won't sell anything from my collection.
- I won't give away any contact info.
- Don't use my images without my permission.
Name: Rutger
Favorite Turtle: Raphael
Favorite Food: Anything with rice-sushi-pizza.
Hobby's: Drawing-gaming-guitar-TMNT-movies-cosplaying
Education: Multimedia Design-Illustration.
Work: Receptionist at a nursinghome - (Comicbook)illustrator - Official Lucky Luke mascotte.
Marital status: Single

I've been a TMNT fan since I was 8 years old, first seeing the second episode of the classic toon got me hooked! I had to have a TMNT figure. Well that soon became more then one and TMNT was one of the few toys I actually kept playing with. Then came the rest, mugs, t-shirt etc. I saw the movies and later on I started collecting the comics. From that day on I knew I'd be a fan for life.

Special thanks to:
Alexander van Brakel, Jeff Hubbard, Pat Fraley, Townsend Coleman and all the other TMNT actors, stuntmen and artists who made this website possible.

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