"Dear Mr. Cam Clarke, My name is Rutger. I'm from the Netherlands and a huge TMNT fan...".
That's how I started my first letter to a TMNT actor on January 20, 2006. Welcome to my website dedicated to the biggest TMNT autograph collection in the world. With this website I want to keep you all updated on my latest autograph additions and any related events and interviews!
September 07, 2023:
Hey dudes and dudettes. It took a while before I was allowed to post this, but I can now. Thanks to Paramount Pictures I was able to interview the voicecast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.
The interview took place on June 25 via Zoom and eventually the written interview was publised in a Dutch magazine I work for. On the EVENTS/VIDEO page you can now watch the full video interview I did. I didn't get much time with the voicecast, but it was still a blast to do!
June 24, 2023:
A while ago a good friend of mine went to a Comic Con to get my Newtralizer photo signed by Danny Trejo. Today, the man, the legend, was at a local Comic Con. So now I could meet him myself, which got me an awesome photo with him! You can view the picture here directly or go to the PHOTOGRAPHS page.

It was so awesome to meet this bad ass actors from movies like; Heat, Con Air, Desperado, Machete and From Dusk 'till Dawn.
May 31, 2023:
It's long overdue, but I finally updated my events page with something special I experienced during the 30th anniversary of the 1990 TMNT movie, a video chat I had with my movie crush Judith Hoag, everyones favorite April O'Neil.
I had this chat on October 1, but finally got around to making that page here on the website. You can watch the videochat here directly or go to the EVENTS/VIDEO page.

We still talk sometimes and she is just the loviest woman. Hopefully we'll meet in real life some day.
May 24, 2023:
Hi all! After years I was suddenly able to contact another voice actor from the 2012 series. Since I have all the Usagi Yojimbo VA's so far, I was still looking for the 2012 series actor, Yuki Matsuzaki.
And I finally got in contact with him. He was more than happy to sign my photo's and I even got them all the way from Japan! You can see it in the Nickelodeon 2012 series section!

We're still in touch, so I hope I'm able to do an interview some time. Untill then, cowabunga and stay green!
March 25, 2023:
When the Nickeledeon Turtles episode 'Transdimensional Turtles' came out, a lot of the '87 cast reprised their roles as a 3D version of their characters.
So far I've been able to get Cam Clark and Townsend Coleman, but today an envelop arrived in my mailbox 7 years after I sent it out. Patrick Fraley signed my Krang photo from that 2012 episode. You can see it in the Nickelodeon 2012 series section!

I'm still not sure if I'm going to collect Rise of the TMNT and TMNT Mutant Mayhem autographs, but we'll see. So far I still want to try and expand on the Universes I already have. Keep you posted!
November 20, 2022:
Last weekend was another great Dutch Comic Con. And the cool thing! Stephen Amell finally came to the Netherlands! I was thrilled and I didn't even want him for Arrow! No of cours not! He was Casey Jones in the second Ninja Turtles movie from Michael Bay.
And he was really nice! I was surprised when I arrived at his table that no one was in line and I could have a nice chat with him and have my Casey Jones photo signed.
And of course I had a nice picture with him at the Photobooth. You can check out the autograph in the Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows section and the pictures in the Photographs section. Till next time!
April 02, 2022:
And just like that 2021 flew by! But even though covid was still around, I was able to make a childhood dream come true. Bringing out my very own comicbook officially through a publisher.
So happy, but it was a lot of work. And the whole TMNT autograph collecting got very sidetracked.

But it's a year later and I finally have a great new addition. Danny Trejo from 'Dusk 'till Dawn' and 'Machette' fame, came to a Belgian comic con. And I gave a friend a nice picture of Newtralizer.
Danny Trejo signed it for me and that is another voiceactor I'd never thought I'd get. You can check it out in the Nickelodeon 2012 series section. Booyakasha!
April 07, 2021:
And already another 15th anniversary update. I've been trying for years, but I finally got in touch with Mark Ginther who was the suit actor for Rahzar on Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze! I sent him a Rahzar picture and a Tokka & Rahzar picture in the hope I can have that second one double signed in the future
Go check out these awesome and long sought after autographs in the Secret of the Ooze section.
As well as a little signed note from him. Go ninja, go ninja, go!
April 04, 2021:
Alright! Another 15th anniversary update. The awesome and populair Youtube channel 'The Old Turtle Den' did an item on my TMNT collection in general as well as my TMNT autograph collection.
So if you are curious about all the TMNT toys, items and movieprops then check out his latest video

I made whole new item in the EVENTS/VIDEOS section, but you also view it directly on his channel THE OLD TURTLE DEN of course!
Go check it out and untill the next update! Cowabunga!
March 09, 2021:
Alright, since this year marks the 15th anniversary of my TMNT autograph collection I decided to find some time to find and write some new TMNT actors. I sent out some photos and letters and today the first one came back!
I wrote David Moo since I had a new address and I'm so pleased he responded. David Moo had a great part in the Ninja Tribunal season playing Faraji Ngala, one of the 4 Acolytes training alongside the turtles. The cool thing is I have all 4 Acolytes now!

David also voiced the Admin Wizard in the Back to the Sewers episodee 'SuperQuest'. He sent me 2 autographed photos which can be seen in the 2K3 section and in the Back to the Sewers section. He even added a nice note!
Really Cool and glad to have a new addition. Talk soon and stay green!
January 14, 2021:
Wow! More than a year has gone by without updating this website! And what a year 2020 was. Corona, Corona, Corona... and we're still not done.
On the other hand, things are actually going really well! I'm a bookillustrator and comicstrip artist now and really living my dreamlife. And yes I'm still a diehard TMNT fan. Heck it's NECA's fault that I now want all the '87 cartoon accurate figures as well.

But I started this year with great news. First of all as of this month my TMNT autograph collection is 15 years old! Wow time flies! And for the first time in 15 years I finally managed to contact the last Turtle actor I was missing, David Forman, the original Leonardo! Thanks to my good friend Michelan Sisti he contacted me. And sent me a great autographed photo as you can see in the 1990 movie section. Really happy and a great addition during this anniversary. See you soon hopefully and stay safe. Cowabunga!
October 24, 2019:
Having so many hobbies, 3 jobs a girlfriend and a mother to take care of sure takes away all my time... I'm really focusing on other things lately, but TMNT will never die Heck I even backed the NECA Lootcrate with Spirit Splinter!
A buddy of mine went to the German Comiccon Dortmond (Spring edition) on April 13th to meet Kevin Nash and get me a Super Shredder autograph! I've been trying for so long to get his autograph. And now you can see in the Secret of the Ooze section. Really happy. And still...slowly..my collection grows. See you soon!
March 2, 2019:
I know it's been quiet again, but life is crazy I'm getting famous in Northern Europe as the official Dutch Lucky Luke, traveling and visiting Comic Cons. So hunting online for TMNT people and writing them isn't really a priority anymore. Fortunatly another TMNT artist came to one of those Comic Cons, in Brussels this time. And it was none other then Simon Bisley who worked with Kevin on the Body Count comics!
I asked for a quick pencil sketch since he was booked with commissions and he made me an awesome 10 by 16 Raphael bust which you can see in the Artists alley here. Got his picture too :D He is just an awesome dude! So glad I met him.
September 29, 2018:
Alright! Finally got my signed photo of Paige Turco from the London Film & ComicCon. I still needed one from the third movie.
The cool news from today is that I went to a Comic Con in Belgium called FACTS. And David Tennant was there. You all know him as Doctor Who, but he also voiced professor Zayton Honeycutt a.k.a. The Fugitoid in the Nickelodeon 2012 series.

It was great meeting him! He was sincere, nice and awesome. And according to him he signed his first Fugitoid photo. The autograph is in the Nick section and some cool pictures can be found on this page
July 27, 2018:
New update! A friend of mine went to the London Film and Comic Con to get a sketch from TMNT artist Lee Bradley. He made a great Raphael for me which is in the Comicbook artists section
Paige Turco was there too, but I'll receive that photo soon.
June 15, 2018:
Wow just received an envelope in my mailbox with a signed photo that I did not expect. It's gotta be about 3 years since I last tried, but I got my photo back signed by Vanilla Ice from Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze.
I tried sending this picture a few times and it finally payed off :D
April 15, 2018:
I just updated my Props page with 3 new items! An official Jim Henson Productions crewcap, a Creatureshop crewcap and the original script from the first movie (insert fangirly squeel here)! How did I get these item? I'll post that story soon on my EVENTS page!
April 07, 2018:
I still love to get original sketches from TMNT artists, but it had been a while. Fortunatly Michael Dialynas came to Europe.
He drew the Turtles for the IDW comic run and I love his style! He made me a great Raphael bust which you can see in the Artists alley here.
April 03, 2018:
Yes I am still alive! And yes I'm still a full fled TMNT fan, but when you suddenly become the official flesh and blood version of a famous European comicbook character called Lucky Luke, life can get a bit hectic. Nevertheless I still was able to finally meet Dwight Schultz again after 18 years. And as you may or may not know he voiced Wyrm in the Nickelodeon 2012 series. So of course I brought a picture of Wyrm. He was pleasantly surprised!
October 10, 2017:
Today is my birthday, and how how awesome is it that when you open your mailbox you find an autograph from the person you've been trying to find for the 11 years collecting TMNT autographs. Jay Patterson, Charles Pennington from the original TMNT movie sent my photo back signed!! You can see it on the original 90's movie autograph page. Such an awesome birthday present!
September 31, 2017:
Yay! Finally been able to get in contact with Thomas K. Gray, the producer of all the classis TMNT movies. He was quite impressed with the collection and sent me an exclusive photo of his own from the set of TMNT III. You can see the piece on Turtles III autograph page. Really cool to finally have the producer.
September 15, 2017:
It's been quiet, but I got something quite cool (for a true TMNT fan that is). It's an actual piece of wood from the farmhouse where the Turtles retreat after their first defeat. Pretty special since the house is quite old already and it's still being used for filming. You can see the piece on my props page.
May 30, 2017:
It's been quiet, but I'm still hoping to get some pictures back before I start trying new ones. That said I received a new one today! Gianpaolo Bonaca played a very young Foot soldier in TMNT: Secret of the Ooze You can see him in the scene where the Foot soldiers regroup at the Junkyard. He says: "Well maybe they didn't find us!" He signed and inscribed my picture from that scene!
April 08, 2017:
Justin van der Lek is a Dutch VFX artist and he worked on many Hollywood movies including Ninja Turtles. I couldn't make it, but my dad got me his autograph. Justin MoCapped Mikey in the flashback scene and you can find the autograph in the Ninja Turtles 2014 movie section. Enjoy the rest of the week!
April 06, 2017:
Yes, Joslyn Brewster signed and sent back my picture. He was the Bumblebee parade artist in Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. He's a street artist and frequently performs as Bumblebee from Transformers. You can easily find him on Youtube.
April 01, 2017:
I went to FACTS, a Belgian Comic Con. Among the artists was Ferran Rodriguez. He drew for the Nick TMNT comic magazine. Of course I asked for a Raphael sketch, which you can find in the TMNT artists section. I hope a TMNT actor will come to a local convention some day!
March 20, 2017:
Got new props to show! I took the time to photograph all the production and filmcrew shirts I have from the original 2 movies. You can view them in the MY PROPS section. Hopefully I'll even have some more stuff to add in the near future!
March 15, 2017:
A full month since my last success, but I finally received the photos I sent to Dan Green in December! He voiced some well known characters in the 2K3 series, Mortu and Commander Mozar. He also voiced '87 Leo in the Turtles Forever movie.
February 15, 2017:
Received my second autograph this year! Back in 2012 I tried to contact Kitty Fitzgibbon and last month she responded and was more then happy to sign. She played June in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1990, the anchorlady who interviewed April about her being mugged. She's a wonderful lady and was even married to a Dutch man and visited The Netherlands many times. Very happy with this addition.
January 28, 2017:
I sent out about 3 batches of pictures in the last 3 month and I finally received another one! And I've been searching a while for this particular autograph. Jim Raposa played Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and after I finally spoke with him, he was more than happy to sign my photo and included a nice letter. Now I finally have all the Turtle suit and voice actors from the third movie!
January 19, 2017:
What a way to start of 2017. Today I received 2 screen-used props from the 1990 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I couldn't be happier to finally own some more screen-used items.
I made nice pictures and posted them in my PROPS section. Happiest TMNT fan ever!!
December 31, 2016:
My second 'Transdimensional Turtles' autograph is in! Townsend Coleman signed my photo with an orange Sharpie nonetheless. It's in the Nickelodeon section. I wish you all a great New Years eve tonight! Let's all focus on a bodacious 2017!
December 28, 2016:
Got another one back, maybe the last one of 2016. Patrick Rossano was one of the animators of season 1. I sent him a nice print from the title sequence. He signed it lovely! It's in the Nickelodeon section.
December 16, 2016:
Nice! Cam Clarke returned my picture of Leonardo from the awesome episode 'Transdimensional Turtles'. It's in the Nickelodeon section.
December 13, 2016:
Yay, the first from a new batch of sent photos arrived. Buzz Dixon wrote a cool episode on the 80's cartoon 'Enter the Rat King'. He signed my titlecard. You can find it in the 80's cartoon section.
November 17, 2016:
And another update! Got 2 signed photos from Jeremy Howard and man what a nice guy! He signed a picture from Ninja Turtles and from Out of the Shadows. Check 'em out!
November 09, 2016:
New autograph! And because it's my first from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows', a new section is added to the AUTOGRAPHS page! Brittany Ishibashi played Karai in the new movie and she happily signed and inscribed my picture!
October 29, 2016:
It took a while, but I received another writers autograph! Rowby Goren wrote the episodes 'TurtleManiac' and 'Attack of the 50-Foot Irma' I sent him a shot from the titlepage of 'Turtlemaniac and got it back signed today! You can find it in the Classic toon section almost at the bottom.
October 22, 2016:
Yay! Back in January I sent a picture of Savanti Romero to Graham McTavish's agency, forgot all about it, and received it back signed today! It looks really great and you can find it in the Nick toon section. Right next to Lord Simultaneous. Now to find Renet!
September 20, 2016:
A new event is added on the EVENTS/VIDEO page. Back in June of 2016 I went to special screening of Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows with my buddy Leon. I was interviewed back then, but I only recently saw the footage. So check it out here!
August 30, 2016:
And suddenly a new item in my mailbox, yay!! Minae Noji, well known as Karai in the 2014 movie, signed my picture of Tang Shen. She voiced her in the Nick toon. Things are going great again!!
August 27, 2016:
Wow 4 months without an update, but I'm back with a vengeance :P
I just got back from the Amsterdam Comic Con, and I was really looking forward to this one! I now finally met Sean Astin and added Raphael to my Nickelodeon autographs :). He signed my normal Raph picture and the one from Halfshell Heroes. Lance Henriksen was also there, he voiced Zog the Triceraton. Last but not least I got an autograph from Jon Heder who voiced Napoleon Bonafrog. All these awesome additions are in the Nick toon autograph section. Sean was really awesome, what a sweet dude! Picture of me with Sean and Lance are also added in the PHOTOGRAPHS section.
April 13, 2016:
OMG! How to get a rush after 10 years of TMNT Autograph collecting?
Just get an envelope in your mailbox and find out it's from the voice actress you've been trying to reach for 10 full years with no luck...untill today. After pretty much a dozen attempts to contact Tress MacNeille, she sent my Kala the Nutrino and Tempestra photos back signed, inscribed and with character name! Her autograph is finally in my collection. So happy! They are of course in the 80's cartoon autograph section. Little bonus; I have all 3 Nutrinos now!
April 10, 2016:
It took me a while because I wanted to make good studio photos of the other items as well, but I finally updated my PROPS section. Go see, and I'm hoping I'll someday obtain more TMNT movie/TV props.
April 09, 2016:
Wow, at the very beginning of the new Nickelodeon series back in 2012 I asked character designer Jose Garibaldi if I could have a sketch. He was cool with it, but is also a very busy guy. This afternoon I found a package in my mailbox from him! He sketched me a very cool Muckman and Joe Eyeball, one of the characters he re-designed for the current show. I love it and it was quite a surprise to suddenly get it. It can be found in the Nickelodeon series autograph section at the bottom. A little thank you note can be found in the LETTERS/GIFTS section under 'notes'.
March 31, 2016:
After close contact with his agency (they were very nice and kept me up-to-date about the photos I sent) I received my pictures of Bebop/Anton Zeck back signed by J.B. Smoove. He signed them lovely and even included a picture of himself. The Bebop and Anton Zeck pictures can be found in the Nickelodeon series autograph section, his own signed photo is in the Actors autograph section. And I made a new section for Half Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past.
Great additions if I say so myself.

In other news. I was going to meet Sean Astin this saturday at a comic con, but as you all may have read, his mother Patty Duke passed away last Tuesday so of course he's not attending. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I hope to meet him in August of this year.
March 15, 2016:
Found this awesome voice actor called Kevin Schon and contacted him. He's a great guy and well known for voicing Timon on the Lion King series and sequels, but he started his career with TMNT back in the 90's
He voiced Merdude, Creepy Eddie and Hamato Koji. I sent photos of those 3 characters and he sign them for me. Today they arrived in my mailbox. You can find them in the 80's cartoon autograph section.
February 23, 2016:
The ever so lovely and awesome Peter Renaday signed and sent back my photos. Whenever I approach an actor for the first time, I tend to be carefull and don't send out stacks of photos. Back then I sent Peter a Splinter and Vernon picture and this time a Hamato Yoshi, General Traag and Pinky McFingers.
You can find them in the 80's cartoon autograph section. He also included another nice letter.
February 16, 2016:
And...another one. Wow my batch from last month is really starting to pay off. Jim Piddock signed and returned my photos from his roles as Lord Simultaneous and Overlord! You can find them in the Nickelodeon series section of course.
February 13, 2016:
I'm on a roll again! Some time ago I wrote John Kassir (well known for voicing The Cryptkeeper in Tales from the Crypt). He co-voiced the Dreambeavers with Robert Englund. Now I already met Robert Englund and had him sign my Dread Beaver and Dire Beaver photos and now John Kassir signed and returned my Dark Beaver and Dave Beaver photos.
You can find them in the Nickelodeon series autograph section. The note he added can be seen in the LETTERS/GIFTS section under 'notes'. Great additions and very happy with them!
February 11, 2016:
A new year, a new start! I send a new bunch of envelopes away at the start of this year. Some new some well known. Today the first envelope came back. Pat Fraley signed me some nice new photos of Casey, Krang and a character I was still missing, Barney Stockman. You can of course see them in the 80's cartoon autograph section.
January 07, 2016:
A special autograph landed in my mailbox today! A year ago I wrote Michael Edens. He wrote some of the 80's cartoon episodes and I choose a nice titlepage of 'Mutagen Monster' I noticed on the page that Mark Edens also co-wrote it, so I asked if he was able to have his brother sign it too. He's still very busy writing scripts and doesn't see his brother a lot so it took a full year, but I got it back double signed!
January 01, 2016:
Happy New Year dudes and dudettes! It's 2016 and you know what that means? My autograph collection is at it's 10th Anniversary! Yes It's been 10 years already since I started collecting TMNT autographs. So to celebrate I'm starting by presenting you my fresh and improved website! More to see, more to read and easier and smoother to navigate.

But there's more, throughout the year I'll be doing more to celebrate my 10th Anniversary, just keep an eye out and check the newspage regularly!
December 28, 2015:
The last days of this year are here. My buddy Jeff send me some great new additions from Geek'd Con and MechaCon that I wanted. Got a great new autographed Mikey picture from Greg Cipes. And a classic voice actor is finally in my collection. Maurice LaMarche signed my 80's cartoon picture of Chronos and the Punkfrogs Atilla and Rasputin from the current Nickelodeon series.
August 06, 2015:
Woohoo, today I received another envelope in my mailbox. Phil LaMarr returned my photos of Baxter Stockman and his mutated form, Stockman-Fly. I mean you gotta have Baxter Stockman in the collection right? Check 'em out in the Nickelodeon series section!
July 20, 2015:
After a whole weekend at the London Film & Comic Con I feel blessed! I had a great time meeting Kevin Eastman, finally. I got to hang with the most awesome TMNT guys Leif Tilden and Michelan Sisti. I met Kelly Hu who is gorgeous, Robert Englund who is awesome and got a great sketch from Jack Lawrence who draws TMNT for the UK magazine.
In the AUTOGRAPHS section check the first and second movie, the Nick toon and the artists section for these great new additions I scored over the weekend. And check the PHOTOGRAPHS section for the pictures I took with these great people. It was a blast and a report is coming!
June 23, 2015:
Back when I could send Wayne Grayson photos for an autograph, the Back to the Sewer season and the movie Turtles Forever weren't even out yet. Last month I contacted him again and I could send another batch. I sent 2 Mikey pictures and one of Metalhead (yes he voiced his 2 sentences :P). Today I got them back signed! You can check them out in the 2K3, Back to the Sewer and Turtles Forever autograph sections!
Maybe I'll receive something more in the coming 3 weeks. If not then I'll be back here after my London trip with a huge update!! Stay tuned...
June 16, 2015:
Woohoo, 2 envelopes in my mailbox today! Another voice actor I found after all these years is Terence Archie, he was more then happy to sign my Silver Sentry and Raptarr photos which can be found in the 2K3 section.

Anna Graves also returned my photo. She had a small part in the show that Leo watched in the current series called "Space Heroes". She voiced Celestial. The signed photo can be found in the Nickelodeon section.
June 10, 2015:
After the latest TMNT episode "The Noxious Avenger" I immediatly contacted Grant Moninger, who did the voice of Muckman and Joe Eyeball. He was honored that I wanted his autograph and I quickly sent out 2 pictures! Today I got them back signed together with a nice letter. Check the Nickelodeon section and the LETTERS section for these new items!
June 04, 2015:
My detective powers are still not wearing down. From the moment I started collecting autographs I just couldn't find Leatherheads voiceactor from the 4Kids cartoon. Even his fellow VA's didn't know where he went, or what happened. But..I found him and he too was delighted to sign my photos of Leatherhead and Traximus. Today I got them back and they look great! You can find them in the 2K3 toon autograph section!
May 06, 2015:
A while ago I got in contact with Tohoru Masamune, he played Shredder in the new 2014 movie and he's a really great guy! I sent him some photos which he really loved and today I got them back. He signed and inscribed them beautifully and also included a nice letter! You can find the signed photos in the 2014 movie autograph section and the letter in the Letters section of course! Really happy with this new addition!
April 29, 2015:
I'm still finding new people, and one of them is Brit Herring. He's a classic theater actor, but he did some voicework. In the Ninja Tribunal season he voiced the acolyte Adam McKay, he was really honored that I approached him about his TMNT character and was more then happy to sign something. You can see his autograph in the 2k3 autograph section!
April 17, 2015:
Finally contacted Jason Gray-Stanford some time ago! He voiced Donatello in the Next Mutation TV-series. So now I finally have all 5 Turtle voice actors from this show! You can see this new addition in the Next Mutation autograph section!
April 14, 2015:
It took me 9 years, but I finally tracked down Karen Neill who voiced Karai on the 2K3 series and the Turtles Forever movie and boy was she honored and happy!! I sent 2 Karai photos and one of Chizu and Tang Shen. These new additions can be found in the Turtles Forever and 2K3 toon autograph sections. You can read the letter she included in the LETTERS section of course!
April 08, 2015:
I received another envelope in my mailbox! A while ago I contacted Jonathan Todd Ross, he voiced Cousin Sid, Casey's cousin on the 4Kids cartoon. It took a while before my photo returned signed because he became a dad in the meantime! Congratulations with your beautiful baby girl. You can check the autograph in the 2K3 autograph section.
April 02, 2015:
A while ago I contacted Kelton Cram, he's a concept artists for the latest Ninja Turtles movie. I sent him a print of his art and today it returned. He signed a bit small, but it's there alright :) Check the new 2014 movie autograph section for this new addition!
March 31, 2015:
In 2008 Gregory Abbey helped me getting Christopher C. Adams for Cody, but now I have contact with him myself. I sent him another Cody photo and one of Mirage Donatello from Turtles Forever which he also voiced! You can view them in the Fast Forward and Turtles Forever autograph sections of course!
March 28, 2015:
Two envelopes in my mailbox today! My Donatello photo finally came back from the Hollywood Show, signed by Jeremy Howard! And Hal Rayle sent back my photos of the 4 characters he voiced on the classic cartoon! The new additions can be found in the new 2014 Ninja Turtles and Classic 80's toon autograph sections. Really happy with these additions!
March 27, 2015:
It's getting harder to find people from the 80's cartoon so I started to try and contact some VA's who did alternative voices. Today Greg Berg sent back my photos. He was the alternative voice for Bebop and Donatello in the European Vacation episodes. He also sent me a photo of himself! Check 'em in the 80's toon and Actors autographs sections. Cowabunga and 'till next time!
March 10, 2015:
When I say I wanna find everyone who voiced/worked on TMNT, I do mean everyone! Today I got my photo back from James Carter Cathcart aka "Jimmy Zoppi". He voiced Raz, one of the 2 Triceration announcers during the Gladiator battles when the Turtles battle the Spasmosaur. You can view this new autograph in the 2K3 autograph section!
March 06, 2015:
I contacted Darren Dunstan again. I still needed him for Splinter from the Turtles Forever movie and he also voiced Tsunami, one of the Justice Force members, now I only need Metalhead! Check these new additions in the 2k3 and Turtles Forever autograph sections.
February 19, 2015:
This is amazing. Last month I sent Douglas Booth a title page from the episode he wrote "The Case of the Killer Pizzas. Today a heavy envelope sat in my mailbox. Not only was my photo signed, it also had a letter and the original first draft script of that episode! View the signed photo in the '87 cartoon section. A photo of the script and the letter from Douglas can be found in the LETTERS/GIFTS section.
February 17, 2015:
I received my photos back from Renae Jacobs. She an amazing person. Not only is she the original April O'Neil, in the new series on Nickelodeon she voiced April's mom and Mom-thing. She signed and inscribed the photos of both characters lovely. You can see them in the Nickelodeon section of the autographs! Have a great week and 'till next time!
February 06, 2015:
It's going great, today I received my photos back signed from Bill Wolf. He was the Director of the classic cartoon. You can see these new additions in the 80's cartoon autograph section!
February 03, 2015:
What a great day. I received 3 autographs in my mailbox today! The first one is signed by Lalainia Lindbjerg, she did the voice of Venus de Milo on the Next Mutation series. Danny Jacobs was the voice of Snake in the beginning of the Nickelodeon series, but it didn't take long before he mutated into Snakeweed! He signed my photos of both characters. You can view the new autographs in the their autograph sections. Untill next time my fellow mutant lovers!
January 31, 2015:
Another addition to my autographs from the new 2014 movie. I sent a picture to Jeremy Marinas, he was Michelangelo's stuntdouble. Lucky for me he also asked Jon Valera to sign it. He was Leonardo's stuntdouble! Check the beautifully signed photo in the new movie autograph section!
January 28, 2015:
An update fresh from the sewers. A few weeks ago I sent Bill Moseley a picture of Bernie, the character he voiced in the episode 'In Dreams'. He was more then happy to sign it and today it came back. Check the Nickelodeon section for this new addition!
January 20. 2015:
Today my TMNT Autograph collection celebrates its 9th Anniversary. Nothing special yet, but expect something next year! For today I did receive a new autograph! This time Robert Mills, who was the puppeteer on TMNT II - Secret of the Ooze. He signed my photo lovely and you can see the result in the Secret of the Ooze autograph section. Till next time.
January 14, 2015:
On January 2 I sent out a bunch of photos again to new TMNT people I found. And they're starting to come back! Today I got my photo back from Doug Molitor. He was one of the writers on the 80's toon. He signed my title page of "Beware the Lotus" and inscribed it nicely! You can watch it in the 80's cartoon autograph section!
December 12, 2014:
Ah yeah! Eva Christensen signed and returned my photos of Viral from both Fast Forward and Back to the Sewer and also included a note! Two great new addition. You can find them in the 2k3 and Fast Forward sections!